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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nursing Facts News Nurse Jobs

What exactly is travel nursing?
What exactly is travel nursing?

Travel nursing is a popular career option for nurses. Here's how it works.You begin by selecting a travel nursing company, who acts as your personal job recruiter. The company helps you to determine where in the United States you want to work, the type of facility that interests you, and which travel assignments are available.

The travel company then helps you get placed in the work assignment of your choice, provides you with an apartment (usually close to the facility), pays you a generous travel reimbursement, and then supports you during your assignment. Usually travel assignments last 13 weeks, and upon completion, you can either renew at the same hospital or travel to a new location. There are no annual contracts or other strings attached. You can work for as many assignments as you like.

The travel nursing industry began when a few agencies began to offer hospitals a short-term solution to perpetual staffing problems in the 1980s. The demand was especially high in places like California, Texas, Arizona and Florida where the population fluctuates seasonally. Over the years, facility managers recognized that traveling nurses could alleviate many of their staffing problems. Today, a well-qualified nurse with experience in a high-demand specialty can find an assignment almost anywhere in the United States throughout the year.

If you are an RN with at least 8-10 months of clinical experience, the exciting field of travel nursing is open to you. Most travel assignments are 13 weeks, although travel nursing companies may be able to customize the length of an assignment to meet your needs. Chances are, the exact assignment you want is out there waiting for you.If your intrested the best place to start is right here
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What requirements must I fulfill in order to obtain a nursing license?
Get Your Nursing LicenseWhat requirements must I fulfill in order to obtain a nursing license?
This may vary by state, but according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the minimum requirements for both RN and LPN candidates are:

You must graduate, or provide verification of completion and eligibility for graduation, from a state-approved program.
You must pass the NCLEX® examination.
You must self-report any and all criminal convictions, chemical dependencies, and functional ability deficits.

What are State Boards of Nursing?State Boards of Nursing are the governmental agencies in charge of setting guidelines for nursing licensure and practice. The State Boards of Nursing are responsible for evaluating nursing license applications, for administering the licensure exams, and for making sure that licensed nurses operate according to the ethical and legal guidelines that the State Board has established in accordance with the federal government.

How can I contact my State Board of Nursing?To access a complete list of contact information for State Boards of Nursing, click here.

NY Nursing Career Information for the Non-Traditional Nurse
Nursing career opportunities are greater and more varied than ever before, and the demand for qualified nurses has never been higher. As the health care field becomes increasingly complex and specialized, more and more nurses are finding steady, rewarding careers beyond the traditional hospital setting. If you have a desire to help others, a fascination with cutting-edge medicine or want to explore new places and meet new people, check out five of the hottest careers in nursing.

Travel Nursing Careers
From the pristine beaches of Honolulu to the picturesque coasts of Florida, there are thousands of places in the United States, and around the world, for you to pursue a career in nursing. Travel nursing lets you be in control of your nursing career. You choose the location, specialty and length of commitment for each nursing assignment. With a shortage of qualified nurses in hospitals and clinics across the country, you can find short-term work (typically 8 weeks or as long as 26 weeks) in virtually any location and offering generous compensation, often ranging from $22-$40 per hour. Many facilities also provide perks such as free housing, as well as sign-on and completion bonuses to nurses under contract.
Find a Nursing Program

Military Nursing Careers
Support our troops both at home and abroad as a military nurse. In addition to the honor of protecting our nation, choosing a career in the armed forces opens the door to a wide variety of educational, travel and career-enhancing benefits. In return for service in the military, you can receive financial assistance for completing nursing programs, generous financial bonuses, as well as low-cost housing, specialized training and world-wide travel opportunities. Do your part while advancing your nursing career.

Find an ROTC Scholarship Program
Forensic Nursing CareersAdvances in the growing field of forensic science have helped law enforcement agencies bring criminals to justice. From documenting injuries to collecting valuable DNA evidence, as a forensic nurse you will be working on the front lines of justice. You will counsel assault victims, conduct physical examinations and collect evidence. You will also play a direct part in taking criminals off the street by testifying against defendants at trial. As the importance of forensic evidence continues to grow, so will the career opportunities in this exciting new field.

Find a Forensic Nursing Program

Legal Nurse Consulting Careers
With some specialized training and your RNs license, you could be making up to $100-$150 per hour as a legal nurse consultant. Be a medical detective and use your nursing expertise to analyze complex medical records for your legal team. Apply your medical skills in the courtroom by testifying in court as an expert witness on a wide variety of medical malpractice, product liability and personal injury cases.

Find a Legal Nurse Consultant Program

Surgical Nursing Careers
As a surgical nurse, you will assist during delicate organ transplants, precision laser incisions and quadruple heart bypasses, to name a few. From preparing patients before surgery to assisting the surgeon in the operating room to charting progress in recovery, surgical nurses are there for patients every step of the way. With a mastery of clinical skills and ability to connect with people, as a surgical nurse you are an advocate for your patient during surgery. Monitoring vitals signs, alleviating discomfort and comforting anxious patients and their families are all a rewarding part of a career in surgical nursing.

Find a Surgical Nursing Program

If you're a fan of TV shows like "ER," "Scrubs," and "Grey's Anatomy" and live vicariously through on-screen doctors, nurses, and hospital techs, you should consider real-life health care careers. Take your science-field aspirations off the couch, out of primetime, and into the classroom at health care schools. You'll be rewarded both financially and emotionally.
In fact, some hospitals offer experienced nurses up to $14,000 as signing bonuses alone apart from their salaries. And, statistics show that 400,000 nursing positions will be available come 2012. If nursing's not your forte, there are plenty of health care programs that focus on lab tech training and lead to lucrative health care careers.

For instance, radiological technologists and technicians earned an average salary of $43,410 in 2003. X-ray and nuclear medicine programs get you ready to earn even higher pay than that. START A NURSING CAREER TODAY HERES SOME HELP

14% of Nurses to Leave Within Year
14% of Nurses to Leave Within Year

Fourteen percent of nurses are considering leaving the profession within the next six to 12 months, according to a survey by medical staffing company Nursefinders Inc. Twenty-four percent said they are considering leaving the profession, but not anytime soon. However, 43% plan to stick with it.

Of the total 38% that plan to change careers, the most common reason was a feeling of powerlessness to affect change (50%), followed by stress (45%), according to the survey.

The survey also found that nurses’ motivations for being a nurse change over time. Most nurses cited a desire to help others (48%) and a love of the medical field (25%) as reasons for first choosing the nursing field. But 36% of nurses said their motivation for being a nurse changed since they got into the field and is now more focused on salary (39%) and flexibility (20%).

The survey included responses from 1,700 nurses

NY Nurse Career

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