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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Secret Will Put Your Resume In The Top One Percent

There are a few ways to write a winning cover letter but there is only one way to put yours in the top 1% of all cover letters ever written. What NY NURSE CAREER is about to share with you now will put yours in an elite group.

Expert marketers have been using this secret for decades. Why? Because it is truly the one strategy that will work for you every time. And yet, you will rarely, if ever, see this technique used in a cover letter.

In advertising, the bottom line is selling the product. In a cover letter, the bottom line is selling yourself so you will win an interview and then the job. I have heard clients bragging about their success rate, and how this secret works like a charm. Thousands have experienced a huge increase in interviews and job offers. You can too.

Now you can make this secret your own.

End your job-search cover letter with a postscript--a P.S. It may be hard to imagine that such a small thing could make such a big difference, but it can and you'll see for yourself as soon as you start using it. No one can ignore a P.S. It practically jumps off the page and demands to be read.

Just stop and think about all the letters and e-mails you receive. If you notice a P.S. you probably skip right to it. It seems almost more important than the communication itself. It's that powerful.
The purpose of the P.S. is to motivate the reader to act-whether buying a product or offering an interview for the job you want. The mighty little P.S. is the perfect tool to call the reader to action.

Here are the top 3 examples of how to use the P.S. in a cover letter

P.S. I will follow up with a phone call on September 15 to confirm that you've received my application. I would love the opportunity to meet in person for an interview. You can reach me right away at 222-222-2222. Thank you in advance.WOW sounds good doesnt it.

P.S. May I have the opportunity to be interviewed for the (just insert your job opening title here)? I'd welcome meeting you and discussing what I can bring to your company. Again, I can be reached directly at 222-222-2222 to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

P.S. Once again, I'd like to restate my desire to interview for the position of (insert the job opening title here). (Company name) is at the top of my list of organization I'd like to work for. I can be reached immediately at 222-222-2222. Thank you for your time and this opportunity.

Who could ignore the power of such a P.S.? In each of the previous examples, the job seeker clearly and directly ASKS for the job interview and states what action he'd like the reader to take. You can also use the P.S. to restate why you believe you're a prime candidate for the job.

More Tips for using the P.S. (postscript): Place the P.S. at the bottom left of your cover letter. To make it stand out use bold text or italics. Do not use both.

P.S. Keep in mind that people are trained to read a P.S. so make sure you include one in your next cover letter.

P.P.S. One more thing, please! Remember where you found this'secret' and keep it to yourself.

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