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Sunday, July 1, 2007


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is based on a strong liberal arts and science foundation and is offered to traditional and nontraditional students. The online program, one of the most popular in the nation, provides opportunities for RNs to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that will equip them to perform creatively, ethically and effectively within their organizations - without ever setting foot on campus.

Jacksonville University has designed the BSN degree program to offer RNs an opportunity to complete their baccalaureate education while managing work and family responsibilities. Offered through Jacksonville University's School of Nursing, the program was designed by both nursing educators and nursing service administrators, resulting in a curriculum that blends a strong academic science base with practical clinical knowledge.

University Distinctions:

100% online, even lab courses.

Students with an active U.S. RN license can earn up to 30 licensure credits.

Six sessions per year.

Students must hold an active U.S. RN license from any state.

Opportunity to transfer credits from accredited colleges & universities.
Complete in as little as 2 years.

Go to EducationGuides.com to find out more about online education

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